July 19, 2014

Fake it till You Make it ep. 1 - Learn New IT Skills Like a Maniac

Remember the last time you need to pick up a piece of new technology or programming language among the other hundred thousand things you need to take care of? Well, it wasn’t pleasant was it. When I started learning about Linux, I wanted to be fast and know lots of command on top of my head. Years goes by, I realize my dream of wanting to be a COOL Sys Admin is slipping away because… until I found a solution toward the end of 2012.

enter image description here

The technique I am about to reveal not only help IT people but anyone who needs to deal with typing, emailing, documenting, and customer support all the time. If my technique is able to save you an average of 5 minutes a day, that is about 30 HOURS SAVED every year. That time saved can be used to learn one extra skill or free for whatever you want to do. Without further ado, check out my presentation below:

Sys Admin on Steroids

Let me know if you guys need some video demos to show how well it works in the comments area.